Kaospilot Business & Design is a Danish school that has its roots in the culture of activism, inspired by the Bauhaus, the cooperative movement, the beatnik culture and the popular tradition of high school. Founded in 1991 by Uffe Elbæk of the Frontrunners youth cultural and social organization (www.frontloberne.dk), today it is focused on leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. A hybrid business and design school, recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the best design schools in the world, and by Fast Company has been named in its Startup Leagues Big 10.

Kaospilot chooses Coterrats in Fabra i Coats

In October 2018, more than 30 second-year students from the successful Danish school have established their base of operations on the 2nd floor ofFabra i Coats. The objective was to form different project collaborations with local organizations, trying to bring about positive social change with them in the city of Barcelona. We are talking about the second semester of 2018, just during the period of Coterrats residency at the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory of the Barcelona City Council. Various projects and companies have submitted proposals to Kaospilot to participate in this collaborative process and Coterrats was the project chosen by the Danish school in Fabra i Coats. In addition to Coterrats, Kaospilot has also chosen other projects in Barcelona, ​​including: Erika Lust Films, , Women in Tech and
Homelless Entrepreneur.

Two months with Kaospilot Team 24

The group that has worked with Coterrats has been the Kaospilot Team 24. Five competent and friendly Danish students: Heino Heesgaard (business), Hannes Lovbacka (graphic designer), Ruben Ostan Vejrup (artist), Daniel Wagner (paralympic athlete) and Emilie Schlie (sociologist). The Coterrats team: me and Fernanda Gomes (artist and multimedia creative). The fact of being a multidisciplinary team has been very beneficial throughout the process, enabling a very interesting and productive collaboration between Coterrats and Kaospilot.

The challenge was to find new strategies and opportunities to make Coterrats more profitable and sustainable, using Kaospilot’s tools, methodologies and theory. This collaboration was intended to be mutually beneficial for the two involved, since the students would also be in a learning space, this time, a real case of an innovative project in Barcelona. In other words, they would also be expanding their capacities, skills and new fields of work, either individually or as a team.

Kaospilot’s innovative methodology

The kick-off was on October 8, when we had our first meeting and established a “Journey Map”. We had weekly meetings and have had an intensive two-day workshop with the Kaospilot Team 24. A real immersion into the innovative school’s methodology. The guys from Kaospilot Team 24 always used check in and check out to start and end each meeting; to identify our energy in the moment, the challenges, the motivation and to land. They also used the fishbowl to discuss progress, challenges and so that we could speak and listen in a more structured way. We had a shared team calendar to make our collaboration visual and to be clear about the time we had left.

They have created an idea bank so that there is no risk of forgetting ideas and thoughts. All meetings were represented in charts for visual understanding and to express what we had collectively achieved and decided at each meeting. Each meeting was presented with an agenda and timeline to ensure that work would be carried out in the most efficient and aligned manner. At the end, a feedback and evaluation questions were presented to allow a reflective space within each process.

We have explored all the stages of the “Dee Hock Stepping Stone Model”, a model that consists of 8 steps: the idea, the purpose, the values, the concept, the team, the structure and the action. It seems simple, but each stage must be very well worked. It is very important to develop an understanding of what elements need to be defined in a project before taking action for greater potential for success. And so we did, using various tools, working hard, but always doing intervals with creative and relaxing activities. The truth is that it was deep and fun at the same time.

Business Therapy at Haimney Gallery

Our meetings with Kaospilot Team 24 were like a therapy, a business therapy. It is impressive how the exercises and dynamics of the school make you reflect on your project and on yourself in a very fluid way. We have cried, laughed, but above all we have reflected a lot. And it was during a joint public presentation of Coterrats and Kaospilot Team 24 in Fabra i Coats that this expression has emerged: “Business Therapy”. It came out very spontaneously as I explained to people how our collaborative process worked.
And this concept was the inspiration for the artistic installation of Kaospilot Team 24 at the Haimney Gallery, on 11/16/18, where all the groups of students from the Danish school have presented the projects they were developing. I was super happy when I realized that in someway my copywriter side had moved to an art gallery added to the creativity of this group of Kaospilot Team 24 students.

The report and collective learning

After 2 months of business therapy and a lot of work, the Kaospilot Team 24 has given us a report with all the information about our collaborative process. The mission, the hierarchy of goals, the “Dee Hock Stepping Stone Model.” The tools we have used, the tools they recommend reviewing, and the tools to use in the future. In the end, a conclusion of the process with the next steps, SWOT analysis, their reflections and advice for future practice.
And they also added what they have learned with us. The truth is that during our process, in addition to all the learning, there was also a feeling of friendship and trust that grew with each encounter. And you can see that on the cover of the report where they wrote: «from your friends». A tear almost came out of my eye … It was an unforgettable experience, from a professional and personal point of view. I really like you guys. Coterrats is on standby, but its co-founders are still at their peak. Thanks, tak Emilie, Daniel, Hannes, Heino and Ruben! Let much more projects, collaborations and business therapy come to improve the world!