Main work done for customers in Spain and Brazil

Vanessa is a professional who is fully involved with her projects. The trends workshop she did with the DoBrasil team was inspiring and very productive. Even the professionals who do not work with creativity actively participated and come up with innovative ideas that have successfully been presented themselves to customers. A wonderful experience.
Patrícia Tavares

At DEC BBDO Agency, Vanessa Costa proved to be a determined person, with creative talent, both in ideation and copywriting. Her competence allowed us to establish a positioning strategy, brand image building, differentiation and notoriety of the product. With her refined contribution and creative inputs, she gained the admiration of the clients, earning their trust. On the personal level, the way she adapted to our country and our agency are also proof of her high exigency and perseverance.

Eduard Baldrís

Vanessa is the creative director that every agency should have. Excellent professional who manages the maximum dedication, participation and creativity of his team. Aware of developments in the communication market, we have been able to offer creative projects that generate effective results for customers.I learned a lot from her and still am today. She is a professional that I would very much like to work with again.

Vanessa is a superb professional, a great person and with excellent creative results! Adding to that a solid experience in many areas for national and international clients.

Cristian Pujó, ONe

The work done by Vanessa had great results. The research on innovation was comprehensive, with interesting references and an in-depth analysis. The presentation of the content was conducted with enthusiasm and creativity, leaving the team stimulated and inspired to innovate on a daily basis. Ideas and strategies emerged that were later applied in programming.

Investigating for the future is knowing how to look at the world, identifying what is relevant and what could be. Knowing how to look at every detail and see the whole and the new in it. Vanessa does this with wisdom. Meticulous and at the same time visionary. Careful and at the same time innovative. Focused on now, but at the same time thinking about tomorrow. A combination that is very difficult to find in professionals who work with behavioral trends.

Since I began my career in advertising, my  professional relationship with Vanessa has always been very positive. I have so much admiration for this creative, dedicated, tireless researcher. She always maintains and encourages a positive energy in the group. In Barcelona, ​​we developed the project “Coterrats”, winner of the Barcelona City Hall Public Call grant, with the purpose of carrying out co-creative processes for multidisciplinary events. A very positive relationship and a lot of learning!

Vanessa is a professional with a hybrid profile, combining sociology and creativity. With an innovative social vision and disruptive thinking developed transformative strategies, stimulating creativity and citizen participation through artistic activities, co-creation workshops, creative surveys and the Coterrats Decidim platform. A manager with emotional intelligence who knows how to seek solutions in times of crisis, always with a lot of balance and tenacity.