Strategy concept and text created for audiobook for BIDE Barcelona International Dance Exchange. This audiobook is a creative compilation of the experiences of dancers from different countries during B>Meeting, BIDE’s foremost international event.

The B>Meeting is a workshop of movement, contemporary dance and performing arts that has taken place at La Caldera Les Corts, in Barcelona, ​​since 2009.

In the first episode, titled “BIDE Logbook”, you’ll hear the dancers’ thoughts and feelings, what they each wrote in the Bide notebook from the B>Meetings held in 2016 & 2017. Recorded in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Audiobook Barcelona International Dance Exchange – BIDE Logbook

Written by: Vanessa Costa

Voiceover: Javiera Gazitua (ESP), Marcel Clement (CAT), Zoë Leigh Gadd (ENG)

Music: Maximiliano Borghetti y Sebastián García Ferro – The Perimetrals

Edition and Mix: Sebastián Garcia Ferro

Record: Sol de Sants Studio, Phonos Studio