BIDE is a Barcelona-based organization that offers creative exchange programs and networking between contemporary dance and performing arts professionals world wide , through an exclusive tool called B>Lab. Created in 2009, the main  event is  the ‘B>Meeting’, an 5-day international event that takes place on an annual basis in Barcelona, Spain.

From February 2020 until January 2023, I was the BIDE’s Content Director, responsible for brand communication and content creation on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Spotify). I also manage the content strategy, content creation, writing, art direction and community management. Since 2023 I have been collaborating with BIDE in the field of Communication.

Principle campaigns created since 2020:

  • The annual campaign for B>Meeting in 2020, 2021 and 2023
  • The research, content strategy and design for the B>Podcast
  • The campaign for the B>Podcast launch of B>Lab and the first 41 episodes
  • The campaign for the video launch of B>Lab
  • The campaigns for the blog content and the writing for 3 posts
  • The campaign for testimonials
  • The campaign “Dancing at Home” during lockdown in 2020

Posts for special celebration days such as International Dance Day, New’s Year Day, Valentine’s Day, etc